Claire Mueller
Freshmen Claire Mueller began writing more seriously in the year proceeding high school. During eighth grade, she and a close friend created and managed a blog that commentated about the discontinued Nickelodeon show H2O: Just Add Water.


"It was a two person job. One of us would do the commentary and the other would summarize the episode." stated Mueller. The two girls worked to post every week as the show progressed, and although it was originally a class assignment, Mueller continued past the end date because of peer's interest in the blog.


While blogs tend to be an isolated form of expression, run mainly by a single individual, Mueller found collaboration to be more rewarding. She would use feedback from readers to refine her later posts, and she also learned how to develop ideas that included others thoughts and how to politely debate their comments.


"I can see the value of feedback on the Internet because seeing other's opinions can help you shape your own. Attacking someone for their opinion, as long as it doesn't hurt anyone, is basically shutting them down, and you never want to do that to someone because they have a background that shaped their own opinion. It's important to respect that," stated Mueller.


Continuing to pursue writing, Mueller chose to take the Journalism class, "I realized that I actually really loved writing. I've been sort of wary about the subject for many years, mostly because of grades, but now I know that it can actually be fun," said Mueller.


Besides journalism, Mueller also intends to resume blogging on a different passion of hers: music.

Claire Mueller, Staff Writer

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Claire Mueller