Genie Lee
Music is something that is precious to many people, but for Genie Lee, it's on an entirely different level. She lives and breathes piano every day of her life.

Playing since she was just 5 years old, Lee now competes in up to 3 competitions every year, in which she plays a variety of pieces, all of which fall into the styles of Baroque, Classical, Romantic, and 20th Century. She is currently in a program called Certificate of Merit, which is a level-based learning program.

Every year, Lee attends the exam event, where it is decided whether or not students will move up to the next level. "Everyone who is in the program performs 4 or 5 songs selected by the teacher that meet a requirement of that level, in front of a judge," Lee said. She is currently in level ten, which is the highest level in the program.

Lee learns and practices piano under the watch of her teacher, Nadia Blank, who she looks up to greatly. "She knows how I think," Lee explained.

For Lee, piano is something she knows she won't let go of, and will, without doubt, continue with throughout her life."I've been playing for so long it's become a part of me," Lee said, "I love to create my own [music] so others can experience the joy that music can bring."

Genie Lee, Lifestyle Editor

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Genie Lee