Gracie Woidat
Senior Gracie Woidat has a passion for both working and caring for people and animals. She has found her calling by volunteering at the Lawrence Hall of Science for the past two summers. 

Woidat started out on the Floor Facilitation her first year, where she would walk around the museum floor and show people the different exhibits. 

She has worked in the Animal Discovery Room. She would work with animals in the morning, caring for them in any way they needed. In the afternoons she would do the public program, where she would bring out certain animals to the public and answer any questions they had. 

Woidat described this experience as “very gratifying” because she was doing something she loved and teaching kids about things she had a true passion for. Interacting with kids was a special experience for her because “their whole face just [lit] up” when they were around the animals.

Gracie Woidat, News Editor

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Gracie Woidat