Kayla Barker
Junior Kayla Barker is an art enthusiast. Barker enjoys spending time drawing, painting, or learning more about the craft by watching videos by other artists. 

“I do kind of a mix of everything. I want to work in visual development for games, animation, and film,” said Barker. “It’s a very specific type of concept art and design work but I also study traditional painting, drawing techniques, and fundamentals like perspective, composition, values, color, lighting, etc.”

Showing artistic potential from a young age, Barker began to seriously invest in her work once she reached the 5th grade. She joined La Puma after hearing about its new art department.

Barker also likes to play basketball and has been on the Campo team for the past 2 years. Her favorite team is the Warriors.

Kayla Barker, Illustrator

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Kayla Barker