Kyle Flett
Kyle Flett is an accomplished senior. He's on the track and field team and was the JV League Champion for Cross Country last year. But his passion is filmmaking, where he has been busy perfecting his skills.

"I've been doing this as long as I can remember," Flett said.

He's made videos for friends and family, and he has made others for himself, many with comedic tones.

"A recent one was called 'The Box' and it was about a misunderstanding about whose box it was," Flett said. "[My best films are] the ones that are the funniest."

He mostly learned by himself how to do everything, from special effects to sound effects. "[I'm a] jack of all trades," Flett said. "Basically anything that has to do with films, I've done."

In every film, Flett tries to bring something special to the table.

"Each film comes with a different message," Flett said.

After high school, he plans to pursue degrees in film production and work in the industry. Beyond the immediate future, Flett isnt too concerned.

"[I'm] just going to ride where I'm taken," said Flett.

Kyle Flett, Staff Writer

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Kyle Flett