Mariel Rossi deVries
While many are frightened by the horror genre, senior Mariel deVries is intrigued by its unique style. Movies are not the only source, books and short stories can be just as scary.

Bousman films and Stephen King novels were inspirational to her and many of their works hold places on her shelves. "Eli Roth is my personal hero," stated deVries. Her interest in horror, as well as writing, led deVries to craft her own novel.

deVries spent October 2015 to June of this year writing a novel she entitled "Inhuman: A Twisted Biography" using Google docs. She describes the book as "very dark and psychologically influenced" and holds many aspects of personal experience. "Of course, I expanded the events, made them larger than life," said deVries.

When she joined journalism last year, she claimed that this class helped give her confidence to write the novel and other short stories. "Writing is a valuable hobby, but I don't intend to pursue it as a career," stated deVries. Besides writing, deVries enjoys volunteering within her local community and hopes to become a medical professional.

Mariel Rossi deVries, Staff Writer

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Mariel Rossi deVries