Ryan Erickson-King
Ryan Erickson-King, a sophomore at Campolindo, has played soccer for 6 years. He's on Campolindo's JV soccer team, plays for Eclipse, and competes in other non-sports related organizations.

When not playing soccer, Erickson-King is an avid participant in Odyssey of the Mind; a competition that focuses on problem-solving and is judged by creativity.

This school year will be his 5th year participating. The competitions start in November and can last until May if the competitor makes it to the World Finals. Erickson-King has been to the World Finals twice, traveling to both Michigan and Iowa.

"[Odyssey of the mind] has pushed me creatively, and it is all about coming up with new ways to solve things," said Erickson-King. "It makes you think about things in ways you never have before."

Ryan Erickson-King, Staff Writer

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Ryan Erickson-King