Samuel Ganten
Born in Brussels, raised in Virginia, Samuel Ganten has seen a fair bit of the world. It shouldn't come as a surprise that he looks at the world slightly different than others.

"Architecture is one of the most useful arts," said Ganten. "It gives me a source of inspiration."

Ganten has an "obsession with architecture." He said it has been this way as long as he could remember. "Something just clicked in my head one day," said Ganten.

"I see the houses in my neighborhood, and I think about how modern they are compared to my old home," said Ganten.

The most notable place he has traveled to is Tossa del Mar, a seaside town north of Barcelona. As part of a class trip, they spent the day there getting to know Spanish Country

"It really caught my attention," said Ganten. "There was this church five people tall that was rather odd, and an ancient castle on the mountain top. Truly a surreal sort of place."

Samuel Ganten, Business Editor

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Samuel Ganten