Sheila Teker
Sophomore Sheila Teker has been interested in health care and medicine since she was in 7th grade. She enjoys volunteering at clinics and hospitals and working with seniors at the Aegis retirement home.

Over winter break, Teker shadowed a doctor at the North Richmond Center for Health.

Teker's passion for helping others was inspired by her uncle, who, in addition to running 3 hospitals, also has an office where he cares for underprivileged people and helps them with medical costs.

"It makes me happy to make other people happy, and I've realized that it's not actually helping them that makes them happy, but it's knowing that they have somebody who cares for them," said Teker.

Teker decided to join the La Puma staff because she "loves writing."

"Journalism is kind of analysis of what's going on, and I've always loved analysis and puzzles and figuring things out," she said.

Sheila Teker, Staff Writer

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Sheila Teker