Sofie Blaj
While recovering from a back injury that suspended her gymnastics career for 6 months, freshman Sofie Blaj has been able to devote more time to supporting non-profit organizations with her family.

Blaj, currently a level 3 gymnast, has been doing gymnastics since 3rd grade and joined Luna Gymnastics' competitive team 2 years ago. However, Blaj suffered from a stress fracture in her back as a result of over-stretching. After nearly 6 months of physical therapy, Blaj will be returning to gymnastics but will be "easing back in," as she knows that she has "definitely lost a lot of strength and flexibility."

Blaj has taken advantage of the time it has taken for her injury to heal to focus on giving back to her community. This past summer, Blaj and her family traveled to Camalú Mexico with her church as a part of the Open Arms Mexico charity. For 2 weeks, Blaj worked to build houses for locals and as well as in an orphanage interacting with the kids.

"It taught me to be grateful for everything I have and to always help other people," said Blaj.

Sofie Blaj, Staff Writer

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Sofie Blaj